Canon mg2900 printer offline troubleshooting

When Canon mg2900 printer says offline and does not print then start troubleshooting and turn printer online. If the printer shows offline messages then follow the simple guideline for windows users and turn printer back to printing mode easily.

Change the Canon mg 2900 printer offline status to online in windows


See, if it has been mistakenly set as offline, to check this, select the printer from the ‘Devices and printers’. Menu, open the print queue and from the’ Printer ‘menu at the top left. Look if the item’ Use printer offline ‘is activated. In this case, deactivate the function to restore correct operation.

The second tip is to reinstall printer drivers, the drivers are used to make the printer work, without them it cannot work. To find the correct mg2900 series driver error see these guidelines and troubleshoot offline errors.

correct mg2900 series driver error
  •  Once installed drivers, restart your computer.
  • The printer does not work connected with WiFi:
  • First check from other locations if you can use the printer, if so the problem lies in the computer. Simply reconfigure the printer to return to printing.
  • Open the ‘Devices and Printers’ panel (Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers).
  • Search for the printer offline and right click on it.
  • Choose the option ‘remove device’

At this point, remaining in the ‘Devices and Printers’ panel, select the ‘Add Printer’ item and follow the instructions on the screen. The Canon mg2900 Printer turns online and ready to work again!

What to do when Canon mg2900 printer is offline and not printing on windows

canon mg2900 printer offline troubleshooting

First understand if the mg series printer is actually offline. Open the Control Panel and go to the “Devices and Printers” menu. If the printer is offline,any documents sent to this printer will not be printed until it is connected again.

There are several reasons why a canon mg series printer may be offline. 

For example, it depends on the operating system (such as Windows 10 or Windows 7). But also the various manufacturers have their own peculiarities. Sometimes, the printer goes offline suddenly. Although connected, the device is offline. 

A common problem even for experienced users. Fortunately, the “offline state” can mostly be solved with a few gestures. Once the problem is addressed, you can start using the printer again. Even if you fail to disable the status, below helpful tips that can help solve the problem.

  •  Check the USB / Ethernet printer cable
  • -Check if the printer is turned on

Canon mg2900 printer Won’t Connect To WiFi shows offline message

Canon mg2900 printer Won’t Connect To Wifi shows offline message

If installed a new printer on the network on windows 10, windows7, or windows 8. Perhaps strangely the old networked printer is not seen by the computers. The connection settings may have been set incorrectly on canon mg series printer and desktop.

  1. First you need to open the command window from our computer. 
  2. To do this with the most recent Windows 10, click on the start button, in the search field.
  3. Search programs and files’ write ‘cmd’ (without quotes) and immediately press the enter key. 
  4. A window with a black background will open where we will write ‘ipconfig’ (always without quotes) and immediately press enter.
  5. The black window 10 will now fill with text. 
  6. The parts that interest us most are the lines’ IPv4 address’, ‘Subnet mask’, Default gateway ‘. 
  7. The first field indicates how our computer is recognized within the network.
  8. The second field tells us at which level of the network the computer.
  9. Third field indicates where the unit that routes the network signals is located (it could be your router / modem).
  10. Go into the network printer, the configuration data. 
  11. Find the data relating to the network configuration. 
  12. Enter the settings menu, Network / LAN (or something similar) and look for the IPv4, Subnet and Gateway configuration in the various items. 
  13. Each Canon mg-series printer model has a different menu and many times the menu also changes from model to model of the same manufacturer.
  14. Once found, access data needs to verify the subnet and gateway data. 
  15. Two data must be the same on our computer, connecting set the printer subnet mask with ‘’ and the gateway to ‘’. 
  16. At this point look at the IP address of the printer. Make a note on a sheet of paper and go back to the computer.

If you change the printer parameters, restart it. Otherwise the new connection data will not be used by the printer. At this point, always from the black window, type ‘ping IP-printer’ where instead of IP-printer there must be the address you copied. 

Go to ‘Devices and printers’, right click on the printer. Configure and select the ‘Properties’ item. Then enter the ‘Ports’ window> ‘Configure port …’ button and check the ‘Printer name or IP address’. if not, update it and connect the Printer IP correctly.

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