Epson wf 2540 won’t scan fix

What to do when Epson wf 2540 won’t scan to pc then how to connect your Epson wf 2540 to a wireless network using a USB cable to simplify setup the cable is only temporary. Disconnect once setup is complete.

Before you start there are a few things you need to check such as:

Do I already have a wireless network on Epson wf 2540 won’t scan? First make sure you have a network already set up your network may include one or more computers. An internet modem connected to a router before making a connection.

Make sure that your router is wireless later you will see how to add your Epson wf 2540 printer by connecting it to the router. You’ll also need to know your wireless networks name this is called the SSID. The SSID was entered into your router when it was first setup what security settings.

If you have wireless security turned on Epson wf 2540. You’ll also need to know your network password write down the network name and network password on the start gear sheet.

Need during setup if you don’t have this information ask the official manufacturers who set up your network on Epson wf 2540 that won’t scan.

 Set up your Epson wf 2540 printer and add it to your network when you’re done. You’ll be able to print wirelessly from this desktop  windows 10. Add the ability to can and print from another computer.

MY Epson wf 2540 Printer won’t scan how to setup manually

Follow the steps on the start here sheet the start here sheet shows you how to manually setup your Epson wf 2540 printer. When you get here install your Epson wf 2540 and scan drivers and software.

  • Insert the CD that came with your printer.
  • Click install follow the configuration instructions on the screen to install the scan drivers and software of Epson wf 2540 won’t scan.
  • Wait for minutes at this screen.
  • Select how you want to connect since you want to print wirelessly.
  • Select wireless connection and click next now select the option to set up the printer for the first time.
  • Click next since you’ll be using a USB cable.
  • Select using temporary USB cable connection if you don’t have a USB cable or are using Mac OS 10 point 6.
  • Epson wf 2540 printer buttons instead click and next when you see this screen plug a USB cable.
  • Insert USB port on your computer then plug the other end of the cable into the USB port on the back of your printer.
  • Printer is detected at this screen click Next to allow setup to continue.
  • If you see an alert message from your firewall or anti spyware software be sure to select unblock or allow.
  • When you see this screen selects the name of your wireless network in the list.
  • Start here sheet earlier click next if your network uses wireless security enter your network password.
  • Clicks next when you see a message to remove the USB cable disconnect it from your computer – windows 10.
  • Printer then click OK click print test page when the test page to scan and print.

Epson wf 2540 won’t scan troubleshooting

Hence, setting up a wireless connection on Epson wf 2540 ready to scan and print. If you want to print from another computer insert the CD or download the latest drivers and software from the Epson Printer Official Website. Follow the instructions on the computer screen when you get to this step select the Epson wf 2540 is already on wireless network. Follow the rest of the instructions on the computer screen to install the software on your computer and repeat this process for any additional computers.

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