How do I download and Install Lexmark m3150 driver

How to install Lexmark m3150 driver with an alternate driver on your Windows 10 computer.  If you have a USB connection so this is going to be a pretty quick and start by opening up.

How do I download and Install Lexmark m3150 driver
  • Start menu search left click on the start button.
  • Type in device is and best manager comes up “Devices and Printers” right above control panel.
  • Left click on add a printer button.
  • Select Lexmark m3150 printer or select to add a local printer or narrow printer with manual settings.  
  • Next again use an existing port make sure it’s set to lpt1 printer port.
  •  Select next again, and go to the official website of Lexmark printer
  • Find the appropriate model – Lexmark m3150 driver.

Note:  If printer is not listed in the list of printers, just left click on Windows Update however printer will shows in list.  

  • Select next at the point you can name the printer whatever you want.
  • Default name here and then so next again clicking this finish button at the bottom of window.
  • Locate the printer in “Devices and Printers” right click on that and left click on printer properties.
  • Click on printer properties on the port’s tab at the top.
  • If you scroll down there might be USB port USB virtual port.
  • Click inside that box and then click on apply in okay.
  • If you had a USB oo2 or USB l/100 300 for it depending on how many USB ports.
  • You had or be listed in here you’d want to check mark those boxes as well so anything had USB.
  • Check mark inside then click on applying okay.

Steps to install Lexmark m3150  Printer driver easily on Windows, Mac or Linux

Printer Offline Support for Lexmark printer driver install on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  1. Go into the Start menu again and type in computer management in desktop app.
  2. Left-click on device manager on the left side here using an old printer.
  3. It probably listens underneath network adapters it would say other devices.
  4. Click on it and then left click on Lexmark m3150 driver update software again.
  5. Left click on browse computer for Lexmark m3150 driver software
  6. List of device drivers on computer and underneath printer window.
  7. Go through the official website of Lexmark and the information about the printer would be on the right side.
  8. Select the correct printer Lexmark m3150 driver.
  9. Click on next once done that install the driver software Windows screen need to follow and installed successfully updated driver software.
  10. Click on close and try to print.

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