Hp officejet 4500 setup

You got hp printer and confused about how to get this printer OfficeJet 4500 setup wirelessly so that all computer users can print using the wireless printer. 

Follow troubleshooting steps and install the printer wirelessly on windows 10, 7, or mac. Once set up and installation are completed then the printer is ready for the print job, anybody in the home of an office can use the printer wirelessly to scan fax or even print well.

How to setup hp OfficeJet 4500 wireless printer to print wirelessly

That’s not true what you need to do first is when you get the printer. Follow the steps are given below and install hp printer wireless:

  1. Unbox the hp printer Officejet 4500 and connected all the cables.
  2. Make sure the printer is connected with cartridges. 
  3. Connect printer 4500 with the desktop, Windows 10, or Mac and install.
  4. It using the wire the printer wire the USB cable that connects your computer to the printer.
  5. You would need to do the first installation using one of the cabled connections.
  6. The installation has to be a cable connection and with the help of the CD.
  7. The printer needs to install it on one of the machines now this machine is the second machine.
  8. Install the printer when using the printer.

How to setup hp envy 4500 wireless printer on windows 10

Install the Officejet printer 4500 in windows 10 by following the steps mentioned in the article below.

  1. It wouldn’t allow us and the reason very simple every printer that you want to use needs to install the software or the drivers.
  2. Easy to find the drivers if you have a CD.
  3. If you have a CD drive on your computer or the laptop 
  4. You can quickly insert the CD drive and install the software.
  5. If you do not have the drivers then visit the official website of hp.
  6. Click on support and drivers.
  7. There’s a button search button you just type 4500 wireless and then the search will show you.
  8. All the options for your wireless printer.
  9. Select your current which is the 4500 wireless all-in-one printer 
  10. It takes you to the printer page.
  11. Download the latest version of drivers comparing to your windows 10 or mac.
  12. Unzip the driver’s folder and click on the bundle of setup.exe.
  13. Accept the agreement.
  14. Follow the screen and finish the installation of the hp printer 4500.

How to setup a wireless connection for the hp envy 4500 an inkjet printer

  • Click on the wireless printer model icon and then go step by step at a time. 
  • Install the printer for you if you need assistance on the step-by-step installation of the software or the driver you can chat with a certified technical expert. Let the technician setup your hp printer 4500 wireless. 
  • Follow the article step-by-step installation guide of the software. 
  • Once you’ve installed the software successfully. 
  • You would see that when you go to your computer that the printer would be listed under your network. 
  • It will be listed under your network.
  • When you right-click on it will show uninstall which means that it is properly installed.
  • The best way to test it is to go to start and click on Windows fax and scan.
  • When the faction scan comes you can just click on a new scan place a paper.
  • A photo or some or a document on the scanner.
  • Click on a new scan and it must connect with you as with your HP Printer 4500.
  • You can do a preview and a scan to make sure that it’s working is working.

How to setup hp officejet 4500 wireless printer to mac

Follow the article step by step and setup hp printer 4500 in mac easily. If you don’t know the technical process then ask the technician at chat how to make it possible. 

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